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External Cavity Laser Kit (ECLK) - QCL

Item Description

The External Cavity Laser Kit contains a mount for a QCL chip and a grating on a motorized rotation mount to allow for wavelength selection, a driver and a temperature controller. The optical output is a single-beam of light whose wavelength can be selected within a typical range of ~200 cm-1, a considerable advantage over the typical DFB range of 10 cm-1.

The ECLK is compatible with the Alpes Lasers line of Broad Gain QCLs which tune over up to 25% of their center wavelength. The gain medium is prepared in form of antireflection (AR) coated Fabry-Perot cavity, soldered to an aluminum nitride submount and to a copper carrier. The temperature is actively regulated by a heatsink assembly that includes a thermoelectric element and water cooling for improved heat dissipation.

      Product Technical Specs

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      Wavelengths Broad gain QCLs form Alpes
      Tuning range
      ~25% of center wavelength