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EVF-5550 1.6 Watts Pulsable or Steady State IR Emitter TO-5

Item Description

The EVF-5550 is a new pulsable or steady state infrared emitter with a NiCr filament and no window.  It can operate in pulsed or steady state mode at temperatures in excess of 700 C in an industry standard TO-5 package.

Variants are also available with sapphire, CaF2 or ZnSe windows. Use pull down menu above to order with or without window.

Product Technical Specs

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Filament NiCr
 Operation Modes Pulsed or steady state
Optics Internal Gold Plated Parabolic Reflector
Window Optional - Sapphire, CaF2, or ZnSe available
Package TO-5
Peak Voltage 1.4 Volts DC MAXIMUM
Peak Current  1.1 Amps
Peak Power 1.6 Watts