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Nyx HD-L IR Camera

Item Description

The Nyx HD-L Camera is a 1024x 1024 format HOT LWIR Thermal Imaging Camera with 18 micron pixel LWIR (Type II SLS) IRFPAs. The standard optics is an f/3 176mm lens with a 6 degree FOV.  The optics can be reconfigured to your application requirements.

AIRS' cameras and integrated detector cooler assemblies (IDCA) offer high performance LWIR, MWIR and SWIR imaging utilizing state of the art MCT, nBn, lnSb or T2SLS IRFPAs. The sensitivity and resolution of the Nyx series can meet the most demanding imaging needs. State of the art technologies, designs, and vertically integrated manufacturing allow AIRS to provide system integrators advanced, mission-critical imaging capability.

Product Technical Specs

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Optics 6 degrees, 176 mm focal length, f/3 cold shield, 7.5-10um bandpass.  Optics can be customized to your requirements.
IRFPA 1024(h) x l 024 (v), LWIR: T2SLS
Sensitivity 25 mK
Frame rate 60 Hz