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PowerMax Pro HP Laser Power Sensor

Item Description

PowerMax-Pro (Coherent Patent #9,059,346) represents a dramatic technological advancement in laser power sensing that combines the broad wavelength sensitivity, dynamic range and laser damage resistance of a thermopile with the response speed of a semiconductor photodiode.

Measurement response times are below 10 μs, as compared to over 1 second for traditional thermopiles. This HP model incorporates a ZnSe diffuser to enable peak power measurements up to 15 kW.

Each PowerMax Pro HP comes with sensor head, cables, software, mounting post with base and users manual. The RS 2k and USB 2k models connect directly to a computer.

The Pro HP with DB-25 connection requires the LabMax Pro SSIM meter, also available for purchase on this page. LabMax Pro SSIM data sheet.

See the comparison chart at left and the PDF specifications for the model best suited to your measurement needs.

Product Technical Specs

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PowerMax Pro HP

PowerMax Pro RS/ USB 2k HP

Wavelength Range (um)

700nm to 1070nm


700nm to 1070nm


Average Power Range
1-350W 3 to 350W
Max Pulsed Peak Power

15,000W (<10msec burst)

1,500W (continuous)

2,000W (>1usec pulses)
Noise Equivalent Power

Standard Mode (10 Hz) <25mW

High Speed Mode (20 kHz) <100mW

Snapshot Mode (625 kHz) <300mW (low 5kW range)

Standard Mode (10 Hz) <150mW

High Speed Mode (20 kHz) <200mW

Snapshot Mode (625 kHz) <300mW

Rise Time and Fall Time < 10usec <10usec
Cable Type DB-25 RS232 or USB


Requires the LabMax Pro SSIM meter Computer