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(VS18) Infrared Detector Set (<3.5 to 6+ um, DC to 1 MHz)

Item Description

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Sensitive, MWIR set for < 3.5 to 6+ microns with bandwidth DC to 1M.  This is a fuly integrated package containing detector, preamplifier and TEC controller.

Set consists of:

  • PV-2TE-6-0.1x0.1 - photovoltaic MCT detector with 2-stage TE cooling, D* optimized for 6um, 0.1x0.1 mm square optical area.
  • AIP-DC-1M-S -Preamplifier with bandwidth from DC to 1MHz.
  • Test data

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Product Technical Specs

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 Detector PV-2TE-6
Type Photovoltaic MCT detector
Immersion lens 70 degree FOV
Cooling 2-stage thermoelectric cooler (TEC)
Detectivity (opt)  D* >2 x 10E9 @ 6um
Detector Size 0.1 x 0.1 mm2 active optical area
Preamplifier AIP-DC-1M-S
Bandwidth DC to1MHz
Package integrated detector/preamp/controller