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Xelios iO - LED Artificial Solar Illumination Lamp with Stand

Item Description

The XELIOS-iO Series are portable LED-type artificial solar lighting for use in color evaluations.

Xelios contains the same visible light as sunlight, for applications include color reproduction, evaluation, and photography. And, because Xelios also contains the same energy as sunlight, it makes it possible to conduct outdoor test evaluations of many different products including solar cells, electronic products, sensors, and paints.

Further, Xelios contains the same ultraviolet rays as sunlight, thus, it can be used for pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, biotechnology, phototoxicity testing, and cellular testing.

    Product Technical Specs

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    LE-9ND55-H - 5500K

    LE-9ND65-H - 6500K

    LED lamp power Approx.8.7W
    Output light angle Approx. 40 degrees
    General color rendering index Approx. 0.97
    Color temperature 5500K or 6500K
    Operating temperature and humidity ranges -10~35°C I under 80%
    Dimensions 120 dia. x 47(mm)
    Weight Approx. 450 grams
    Stand Flexible or tri-pod