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3.3um IR LED - TO-46 and SMD

Item Description

For purchase and shipment only in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico).  Please contact your local Hamamatsu office in other countries.

Advanced mid-IR LEDs are manufactured by Hamamatsu using unique crystal growth and process technologies. Output is significantly increased from prior products.  

These devices feature:

  • High output
  • High-speed response
  • High reliability
  • Low power consumption

Available packages:

  • SMD- Small surface mount type ceramic package - no window or Si window (very limited quantity available with window).
  • TO-46 metal package
  • TO-46 with reflector (for light condensing)

Product Technical Specs

  • Summary product specifications are below
  • View and download the detailed product sheet at the Download PDF tab
  • Please contact us with any questions for or assistance via our contact request page or at 617-566-3821
Peak Wavelength 3.3 um
Quasi-CW Power (minimum/typical)

0.8/1.3 mW - SMD

1.1/1.9 mW - TO-46

1.6/2.6 mW -TO-46 w/reflector