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310 nm 4X4 UV LED Module - Integrated LED and Heat Sink

Item Description

M4X4L9 Seriesis a UV LED module comprised of a VC4X4 UV LED COB and a fan-cooled heatsink for a complete, validated product ready for testing and integration. Utilizing the patented 3-PAD LED Flip Chip and Super Pillar MCPCB, the COB array is structured with a high density 16-chip LED array under a single 90° fused silica lens, allowing for focused, high-power illumination. 


A specially designed fan-cooled heatsink ensures temperature and performance stability, and an optional LED driver kit (dimmable option) and fan power supply can be provided for a fully equipped system kit.


All M4X4L9 products will be provided with the LED COB mounted onto the heatsink surface (with the application of thermal grease). COB wires will be pre-attached.


Application Set Option - For a complete plug-and-play Application Set that includes the module and drivers use this link to purchase the Set. The set will include the M4X4 UV LED module,PS-2800A95W Driver Kit for the LED and thePS-1A12V-FAN Driver Kit for the for fan-cooled heatsink, wires, and connectors.


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Product Technical Specs

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Module Description
Part number M4X4L9-310-V1
High Power 1600 mW, 90 degree output
Heat Sink 30.4988.30 (included)
Module Dimensions 83 x 80 x 75 cm
Forward Current 2800 mA
Forward Voltage 23.6 V