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Passive Differential Pulse Inverter A-PPI-D

Item Description

The A-PPI-D from Becker & Hickl is a passive device used to transform positive pulsed signals such as TTL output pulses of detectors or trigger sources into signal pulses suitable for accurate detection with Becker & Hickl TCSPC modules.

Optional 10dB or 20 dB in-line attenuators are also available (A-SMA-10dB and A-SMA-20dB).  You can select the A-PPI-D plus attenuator in the pull down product selector above.

Product Technical Specs

  • Differential pulse-inversion of trigger sources with closed circuits
  • For trigger signals from pulsed lasers and fast APDs (SPADs)
  • No power supply required
  • Offset-drift compensation
  • Conversion of TTL pulses to negative signals for Becker & Hickl TCSPC modules
Power Supply
Power Supply Passive
Input 50 Ohm, SMA female
50 Ohm, SMA female
Pulse Inversion
For Trigger signals from pulsed lasers and fast APDs
Principle leading or falling edge of incoming trigger pulse is differentiated
Response to short pulses (< 2 ns) one inverted pulse (only first edge of input pulse is differentiated)
Response to longer pulses (> 2 ns ) bipolar pulse, first peak is inverted to input pulse (differential of first and second edge of input pulse)