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APS-100 Stabilized Avalanche Photodiode Set

Item Description

The APS-100 delivers an almost constant output signal over an intensity range of about 1:100. Gain regulation in the APS-100 is achieved by keeping the average photodiode current constant. A constant pulse frequency in the range of 70 MHz to 90 MHz is required for the module to work efficiently. The APS-100 contains a beamsplitter that directs a few percent of the laser power into the photodiode, and lets the rest pass to the experiment.

The set is delivered with 2 m SMAM-SMAM coaxial cable, pulse inverter A-PPI-D and 12 V power supply.

Product Technical Specs

  • Synchronisation Module for TCSPC Systems
  • Active Area from 0.78 mm2
  • For Ti:Sa Lasers with 80 MHz Repetition Rate
  • Constant Output Amplitude over Wide Range of Input Power
  • Integrated Beam Splitter for Light Pickoff
  • Spectral Range from 330 nm to 1100 nm
  • Single +12 V Supply