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BDS-SM Series ps Diode Lasers

Item Description

The BDS-SM devices are combined pulsed picosecond and CW diode lasers in a small industrial-size case. All the pulse driver and control circuitry is contained in the laser head. All that is needed to operate the lasers is a +12V power supply and a few control signals for setting repetition rate and optical power. Pulse repetition rate in pulsed mode is 20, 50, or 80 MHz, other repetition rates are available on request or can be obtained by external triggering. Pulse width is in the range of 40 ps to 100 ps.

Optical Output

All BDS-SM lasers are tansversal single-mode lasers. That means, the emission virtually comes from a single spot inside the laser. That means the laser beam can be focused in a diffraction-limited spot or coupled into a single-mode fibre. The BDS-SM lasers are available with free-beam output, with fixed (pig tail) fibers, with Lasos Precision fibre connectors, and with Point-Source-Type couplers

Product Technical Specs

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