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BDU-SM Series ps Diode Lasers

Item Description

The BDU-SM series picosecond / CW diode lasers are fully controlled and powered via a 3.0 or 2.0 USB interface. Available wavelengths range from 375 nm to 780 nm. The lasers are available with elliptical or circular free-beam output, and with single-mode fibre output.

As the BDS-SM lasers, also the BDU-SM lasers feature extraordinarily high timing stability and intensity stability. The optical pulse versus the electrical trigger output shifts by no more than 2 picoseconds over 10 minutes, even immediately after turn on. The power is stable within 1 %. No warm up-time is necessary for stable operation. Small size, absence of external components, and easy control of the laser parameters make the laser first choice for quick setup of experiments in a typical laboratory environment.

Product Technical Specs

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