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IR-508/301 Compact and Portable Cavity Blackbody/Controller - 1050º C.

Item Description

The IR-508 blackbody reference source is designed to provide infrared radiation as an ideal blackbody emitter. The output energy from the 0.25" cavity closely follows the theoretical maximum energy curve described by Max Planck's equation, and allows users to calibrate, align, and measure infrared devices and phenomena of all types. The smaller size and lower power consumption make the IR-508 ideal for applications with limited space and power, such as in environmental chambers down to -80º C.

Using the optional 8 position aperture wheel (shown in picture), the infrared flux can be varied by known amounts without disturbing critical optical setups, and combining apertures and distance changes, the flux at any point can easily be determined.

The IR-508 is ideal for the Near (1-3 um), Mid (3-8) and Far (8-30+ um) infrared bands. The IR-508 is a scaled down version of the industry standard IR-563 source.

The 20º tapered - recessed - cone, surface emissivity, and cavity aspect ratio combine to provide blackbody radiation by multiple reflection, absorption and re-emission of its thermal energy. The thermal energy of the cavity is provided by a ceramic-sealed heater coil that uniformly heats the cavity cylinder to temperatures from 50ºC to 1050ºC.

The IR-508 is covered by a two-year warranty due to the reliability of actual field units used over the last 30 years.

Product Technical Specs

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 Temperature Range (C) 50 - 1050
Emittance (W/cm2) 17.36
Wavelength Range (um) 0.5 - 99
Emitter Size (in) 0.25
Temperature Resolution (C) 0.1