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High Speed Hybrid Detectors for TCSPC - HPM-100-40/42

Item Description

The HPM-100 module combines a Hamamatsu R10467 GaAsP hybrid PMT tube with the preamplifier and the generators for the PMT operating voltages in one compact housing. The principle of the hybrid PMT in combination with the GaAsP cathode yields excellent timing resolution, a clean TCSPC instrument response function, high detection quantum efficiency, and extremely low after pulsing probability. The virtual absence of after pulsing results in a substantially increased dynamic range for fluorescence decay recordings. FCS curves obtained with the HPM-100 detectors are free of the typical after pulsing peak.

  • GaAsP cathodes, excellent detection efficiency
  • HPM-100-40: 250 to 720 nm
  • HPM-100-42: 300 to 850 nm
  • Instrument response function 120 ps FWHM


Product Technical Specs

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