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THz and sub-THz Lens - 100 mm focal length

Item Description

100 mm focal length lens.

Lytid’s high-quality PTFE lenses provide excellent performances across the sub-THz and THz band. The low absorption coefficient of PTFE optics (<0.8 cm-1 up to 1 THz) in combination with low insertion loss (refractive index of ~1.4) make it a prime solution for a variety of THz and sub-mm systems within a wide frequency range, from 75 GHz up to 2 THz.

The PTFE lenses incorporate standard geometries with diameters between 1″ to 6″, focal lengths from 500 mm down to 40 mm through plano-convex, plano-aspheric or double-aspheric profiles.

> Highly-suitable material for THz applications

> Wide range of focal lengths and dimensions

> Minimal insertion losses

> Cost-effective optic

    Product Technical Specs

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     Optical Data
    Focal length 100 mm
    Lens diameter 50 mm
    Refractive Index
    1.4 at 520 GHz
    Absorption coefficient
    <0.8 cm-1 up to 1 THz
    Frequency range
    75 GHz—2THz