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The DCS-120 MACRO version of the DCS system scans objects directly in the focal plane of the scanner. Objects up to a size of 15 mm can be imaged at a resolution of about 25 micrometers. As the DCS-120 confocal FLIM system, the DCS-120 MACRO uses excitation by ps diode lasers, fast scanning by galvanometer mirrors, confocal detection, and FLIM by bh’s multidimensional TCSPC technique to record fluorescence lifetime images at high temporal resolution, high spatial resolution, and high sensitivity. Due to its fast beam scanning and its high sensitivity the DCS-120 MACRO system is compatible with live-object imaging.

DCS-120 functions include simultaneous recording of FLIM or steady-state fluorescence images simultaneously in two fully parallel wavelength channels, laser wavelength multiplexing, time-series FLIM, time-series recording, Z stack FLIM, phosphorescence lifetime imaging (PLIM), fluorescence lifetime-transient scanning (FLITS) and FCS recording. Applications focus on lifetime variations by interactions of fluorophores with their molecular environment. Typical applications are ion concentration measurement, FRET experiments, metabolic imaging, imaging of fast physiological effects, and plant physiology.SPC-180 Series


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Download a detailed application note: DCS-120 Confocal and Multiphoton FLIM Systems - An Overview