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Digiboard Multifunctional photocurrent amplifier board

Item Description

Although the UV photodiodes of sglux provide high sensitivity an additional amplifier is required in most applications of photodiodes. This is especially true in the ultraviolet wavelength range because of the very small photocurrents. To support your application development we provide this amplifier board based on our successful Multiboard.

The Digiboard offers an analog transimpedance channel with adjustable Schmitt-Trigger (ST) and a Current-to-Frequency converter (CFC) channel. The frequency output of the CFC simplifies the measurement of photocurrents over a wide dynamic range in microcontroller based designs because only one digital pin/counter can be used to record photocurrents.

Product Technical Specs

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Input power 5 - 18 V
Analog transimpedance amplifier

- adjustable gain

- Schmitt-trigger stage

Current to frequency converter

- high dynamic range

- standard CMOS compatible frequency output