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Driver for UVC SMD and Medium Power 325 & 340 nm LEDs (VC1X1 Series)

This driver is intended for use with UVC SMD and Medium Power 325 & 340 nm LEDs from Violumas: (WS3535C48LF-310/275/265 and VC1X1C40L3-340/325 nm)

Drivers are assembled with a 120VAC/60Hz power cord and NEMA 5-15P or 1-15P plug. All listed drivers are suitable for operation in North America (120VAC/60Hz).  Wago connectors and wire are included to allow you to plug-and-play your LED kit.

If you are also looking for a heat sink for your LED please see our plug-and-play application sets that contain matched LED, heat sink and driver.

Voltage - Specify above if you need 110VAC or 220VAC (drop down menu above)

The drivers are constant current in order to control and maintain the recommended current for each LED product.
  • PS-350A3W-ND
  • Output Current: 350mA (constant current).
  • Output Voltage: 3.0V~12.0V
  • Output Power: 3W~4.2W
  • Input Voltage: 90VAC~264VAC
  • Assembly Includes: 120VAC or 220VAC power cord and compatible plug, 2x Wago connectors and wire for connecting LED to driver.

Disclaimer: Driver kits are only intended for operating Violumas UV LED products. Boston Electronics and Violumas are not responsible for any damages that may result from inaccurate use of the recommended products.

IMPORTANT - see the Driver Manual for disclaimers and guidelines for proper selection of LED drivers (including information on constant current versus constant voltage drivers),