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High sensitivity, high-speed, 8um long-wave infrared detector in SMD package

    Item Description

    This item is for purchase and shipment only in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico).  Please contact your local Hamamatsu office in other countries.

    High sensitivity, room temperature, 0.7mm2 LWIR detector.  Detector is a RoHS compliant InAsSb device, and can directly replace detectors containing lead, mercury, or cadmium. It is mounted in a ceramic SMD package.

    Applications include gas sensing and radiation thermometers.


    • Higher sensitivity
    • High-speed response
    • High shunt resistance
    • RoHS compliant (lead, mercury, cadmium free)

      Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and to ensure you have selected the best detector for your measurement needs.  boselec@boselec.com  +1-617-566-3821

        Product Technical Specs

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        Part Number P16613-011CN
        Type Photovoltaic InAsSb detector
        Cutoff Wavelength 8.3 um
        Peak wavelength 6.5 um
        Cooling room temperature
        Detectivity D* = 3E8
        Rise time 3 ns
        Detector Size 0.7 mm2
        Window no window
        Package ceramic SMD