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HMS J21 Fgas CO2 Miniature Thermopile Sensor

Note:  Minimum quantity order is two (2) pieces

Item Description

  • thermopile sensor for CO2 measurement
  • select the correct CO2 filter to match your concentration levels

The HMS J21 Fgas Miniature Thermopile Sensor is ideal for gas sensing, with selectable filters for CO2 detection.

The HMS Series of CMOS compatible thermopile sensor chips in TO46 (or TO18) and even smaller transistor housings, features good sensitivity, small temperature coefficient of sensitivity as well as high reproducibility and reliability. The smaller package sizes benefit applications in which sensor mounting is a critical parameter.

The HIS-E222 Multi-channel Sensor contains two thermopile sensors and signal amplification (gain is preset to 4300) all in a TO-39 package.  

NOTE: For optimum performance you must select the CO2 filter that corresponds to the gas concentration you will be measuring.  See the chart below.  When ordering select the correct filter in the pull down menu above.

Product Technical Specs

  • Summary product specifications are below
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Element Size 1.2 mm2
Sensitivity 27 V/W
Detectivity 8.7 E7 cm Hz1/2 / W
Time Constant 10 ms
Filter 4.26 um (CO2)
FOV 120 degrees
Package TO-46