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HMS M11 L3.0 Miniature Thermopile Sensor

Item Description

The HMS-M Series combines the good characteristics of the HMS Series in TO46 housing and the advantages of a diffractive lens with respect to field of view and signal. The focal length of this lens is 3.0 mm and it is available with F5.5 or F8.0 filters (select above).

Product Technical Specs

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Element Size 0.6x0.6 mm2
Signal Voltage 330 uV
Resistance 86 k Ohms
Temp. Coeff. of Resistance 0.02 % / K
Time Constant 6 ms
Filter F5.5 or F8.0 (see PDF)
FOV 12 to 25 degrees (see PDF)
Package TO-46
Filters F5.5 - 5.5um cut on or F8.0 - 8.0 um cut on