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HTS E21 F3.91/Fgas Multi-Channel Thermopile Sensor - CO2 Detection

Item Description

  • two channel thermopile sensor for CO2 measurement
  • integrated amplifier
  • select the correct CO2 filter to match your concentration levels

The HTS E21 F3.91/Fgas Multi-channel Thermopile Sensor is ideal for gas sensing, with 2 channels, a selectable filter channel for CO2 detection and a 3.91 um reference channel. Typical infrared source to detector distance is 1 to 3 cm.

The HTS Multichannel Sensors comprise two or four independent sensor chips for a multichannel gas concentration measurement. Typically one to three of the optical channels contain a gas specific filter window and the other channel, equipped with a filter with center wavelength where no gas absorption occurs, serves as reference. On request we can also provide Multichannel Sensors with customer filters.

NOTE: For optimum performance you must select the CO2 filter that corresponds to the gas concentration you will be measuring.  See the chart below.  When ordering select the correct filter in the pull down menu above.

Product Technical Specs

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Element Size 1.2 mm2
Sensitivity 86 V/W
Detectivity 2.7 E8 cm Hz1/2 / W
Time Constant 10 ms
Channels 2
Filters 4.26 um (CO2) and 3.91 um (reference)