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HTS E31 F3.91/F5.30 Multi-channel Thermopile Sensor - NO Detection

Item Description

The HTS E31 F3.91/F5.30 Multi-channel Thermopile Sensor is ideal for gas sensing, with with 2 channels, a 5.3 um channel for NO detection and a 3.91 um reference channel.

The HTS Multichannel Sensors comprise two or four independent sensor chips for a multichannel gas concentration measurement. Typically one to three of the optical channels contain a gas specific filter window and the other channel, equipped with a filter with center wavelength where no gas absorption occurs, serves as reference. On request we can also provide Multichannel Sensors with customer filters

Product Technical Specs

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Element Size 2.1 mm2
Sensitivity 51 V/W
Detectivity 2.9 E8 cm Hz1/2 / W
Time Constant 18 ms
Channels 2
Filters 5.30 um (NO) and 3.91 um (reference)