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IR-12K 11 Watts Steady State 975C Emitter & Optics

Item Description

The IR-12K source is a thermal emitter with emissivity ~0.8. It is appropriate for use in lab or field instrumentation due to its long life and stable properties. The 11 Watt coiled resistance wire filament IR-12K operates at 975C. 

Optional aluminum reflectors are also available, parabolic for collimated output (MC234) and elliptical (MC-233) to focus the output (when ordering select IR-12K and optional reflector).  See the PDF data sheet for details on the reflectors.

Also see the Universal Photon Source (UPS) Driver Board as an accessory to your emitter.

Product Technical Specs

  • Summary product specifications are below
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Long service life Recommended upper limit
Temperature (C) 975 1125
Volts (V) 6 7
Current (A) 1.8 2.2
Power (W) 11 15