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IR-5x Series of 1 Watt Pulsable IR Emitters TO-5

Item Description

The HawkEye IR-5x Series is a MEMS technology pulsable infrared emitter. This
source is based on patented technology, utilizing a thin film resistor of diamond-like nanostructured amorphous carbon. Due to its low thermal mass, the IR-5x Series can be pulsed at frequencies up to 100+ hertz with good modulation depth (contrast between the on and off states).

The IR-50, mounted in a TO-5 header with a windowless cap provides a small package.  The IR-50 uses a micromachined source chip with a thin, high-emissivity membrane.

The IR-50 can also be configured with optional windows, sapphire (-S, 0.7-5.0 um) or CaF2 (-CaF2, 0.15-9.0 um).

The IR-55 utilizes a collimated optic to provide more than 12x the on-axis output. The package is 0.5 inches in diameter and 0.65 inches long. FWHM (full width at half max) for the IR-55 is 15°. 

Similarly, the IR-56 provides collimated output in a "short" parabolic design (0.4 diameter and 0.36 length).  It delivers approx. 50-55% of the on-axis energy of the IR-55.  FWHM (full width at half max) for the IR-56 is 20°. 

The IR-57 utilizes a 1.0 inch diameter focusing elliptical optic.

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Also see the Universal Photon Source (UPS) Driver Board as an accessory to your emitter.

Product Technical Specs

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IR-50  IR-55
Active Area (mm) 1.7 x 1.7 1.7 x 1.7
Typical Operating
450°C to 750°C 450°C to 750°C
Drive Voltage at 750°C  6.7 +/- 0.4 volts 6.7 +/- 0.4 volts
Frequency at 50% Modulation Depth
(25% Duty Cycle)
100Hz 100 Hz
Package   TO‐5 with cap parabolic optic
Angular Output‐‐FWHM 100° 15°
Power at 750°C  1 Watt 1 Watt