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IR-563/301 Compact and Portable Cavity Blackbody/Controller - 1050º C

Item Description

IR-563 is a ideal source for the Near (1-3 um), Mid (3-8) and Far (8-30+ um) infrared bands. The IR-563 has been the industry standard 1000º C blackbody for more than 30 years, and continues to provide excellent service to infrared applications throughout the industry.

Also available, the IR-564 extends the temperature range of the IR-563 to 1200º C by changing cavity materials to Silicon Carbide and high purity Alumina ceramics, otherwise the two units are virtually identical.

The 20º tapered - recessed - cone, surface emissivity, and cavity aspect ratio combine to provide blackbody radiation by multiple reflection, absorption and re-emission of it's thermal energy. The thermal energy of the cavity is provided by a ceramic-sealed heater coil that uniformly heats the cavity cylinder to temperatures from 50º C to 1050º C.

The IR-563 system has a full, two-year warranty due to the reliability of actual field units used over the last 30 years.

Product Technical Specs

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 Temperature Range (C) 50 - 1050
Emittance (W/cm2) 17.36
Wavelength Range (um) 0.5 - 99
Emitter Size (in) 1
Temperature Resolution (C) 0.1