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IR Beam Profilers - 120x84d Digital Infrared Imaging Camera

Item Description

Our infrared imaging application sets are available with flat CaF2 (UV to 7um) or HRFZ-Si (1.3 to THz) windows for use as a low-cost, simple-to-use beam profiling devices.  The standard imaging camera software (ArraySoft) is used; it allows the user to visualize beam shape and intensity, and extract, stream or save per pixel data.

Applications Sets are available for quick-start imaging capability, and allow fast implementation of your system design. These are turnkey kits ready to go out of the box. Application sets include an infrared camera with integrated optics and an Ethernet interface for easy computer integration.

The set includes:

IR camera 120 x 84 digital interface (SPI)
Power supply
Table top tripod
ArraySoft software

See the product catalog for imaging arrays

Product Technical Specs

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Window Bandpass
Flat CaF2 (IR) UV to 7um
Flat BaF2 (IR) UV to 12um
Flat Ge (IR)  2 to 14um
Flat HRFZ-Si (THz) 1.3um to THz
Array 120 x 84 pixels, 66um pixel pitch 120 x 84 pixels, 66 um pixel pitch
Power via USB cable - included via USB cable - included
Software ArraySoft PC graphical user interface ArraySoft PC graphical user interface