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IR-Si217 Series High Power 37 Watts Steady State 1375C Emitters (-P-1 and -E-1) with Parabolic or Elliptical Reflectors

Item Description

The IR-Si217 Series is designed for those customers who require higher temperatures and greater output from their infrared source. These emitters are manufactured using a silicon carbide material. The advanced technology ensures a very stable product. Their robust design ensures intrinsic physical and thermal strength. When operated at 24 volts/37watts the IR-Si217 reaches 1385°C.

The IR-Si217-P-1 emitters are mounted in a 1 inch parabolic reflector for extremely efficient collimation of energy. The IR-Si217-E-1 emitters are mounted in a 1 inch elliptical reflector with an external focal point that is 1/2 inch in front of the clear aperture. 

Select above either the optional P-1 or E-1 optics when purchasing.

Also see the Universal Photon Source (UPS) Driver Board as an accessory to your emitter.

Product Technical Specs

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Temperature (C) 1385
Volts (V) 24.0 V (AC or DC)
Current (A) 1.5
Power (W) 37
Active Area (mm) 6.0 w x 4.4 l
Lifetime (typical) >5,000 hrs. @ 24V