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LaserTune-S™: Single Tuner QCL System

Item Description

Block Engineering's LaserTune-S is a next-generation tunable quantum cascade laser that delivers a six-fold increase in power, much greater thermal and temporal stability, and powerful electronics with unique pulse design capabilities. 

The LaserTune-S is delivered in the industry's smallest form factor package, and does not require bulky external cooling systems. 

Based on Block's sQCL single-tuner laser module, the LaserTune-S can be configured by customers to cover a 2-3 micron range within a larger 5.4 to 12.8 µm span. 

The new power-efficient and compact control electronics allow for flexible programming options from wavenumber sweeps, steps, or holding. Dynamic pulse lengths and duty cycles enable you to actively manage average power at each wavenumber. 

The LaserTune-S is designed to be a reliable benchtop tool for researchers. It can also be used for OEM evaluation of Block's sQCL laser modules. Any evaluation and development efforts can be transferred from the LaserTune-S directly to the sQCL, as both share similar specifications. 

Key Benefits & Advantages 

  • Six-fold increase in power 
  • Flexible wavelength range in a user-selected single tuner 
  • Excellent thermal and temporal stability 
  • Dynamic pulse lengths and duty cycles 
  • SDK for streamlined programming and control 
  • Wavenumber sweeps, step functions, and static wavenumbers 

      Product Technical Specs

      • Summary product specifications are below
      • View and download the detailed product sheet at the Download PDF tab
      • Please contact us with any questions for or assistance via our contact request page or at 617-566-3821
      Wavelengths (um) Any one of: 5.4-6, 6.1-7.3, 7.4-10.4, 9.9-12.8
      Spectral Resolution < 2 wavenumbers
      Operation Pulsed
      Repetition Rate 10 kHz to 1 MHz
      Pulse Length 30 to 150 nsec