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Mid-wave 5um infrared detector module with preamp HS-4

    Item Description

    This item is for purchase and shipment only in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico).  Please contact your local Hamamatsu office in other countries.

    Easy-to-use InAsSb detector module with built-in preamp.


    • High S/N
    • 5Hz to 100kHz bandwidth
    • 5.9um cutoff
    • Compact size
    • Easy to use. Operates just by connecting to DC power supply
    • Circuit design optimized for detector characteristics
    • Built-in temperature control circuit
    • RoHS compliant

    This is an "all-in-one” IR detection module. A thermoelectrically cooled, InAsSb photovoltaic detector is integrated with a transimpedance preamplifier, a heat sink and thermoelectric cooler controller in a compact housing.  The module is a user‑friendly device, thus can be easily used in a variety of applications.

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        Product Technical Specs

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        Part Number C12494-210S
        Type Photovoltaic InAsSb detector
        Cooling TE cooled
        Detector Size 1mm diameter
        Cut-off Wavelength 5.9um
        Peak wavelength 4.9um
        Bandwidth 5Hz to 100 kHz