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Multiboard - Multi-functional 2-Channel Photodiode Amplifier

Item Description

Photodiodes generate small photo-currents ranging from microamperes down to picoamperes, which cannot be measured with commonly available multimeters -amplifiers are required. Amplifiers such as the sglux dual channel MULTIBOARD converts very small currents into a voltage of 0 - 4V. Thus, such amplifiers convert the small current signal of photovoltaic elements (photodiodes) to signal voltages suitable for typical voltmeters, microcontrollers and PLC systems.

Product Technical Specs

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Signal Out Ranges Settings  Voltage In
0 - 4 V
  • 400 nA
  • 4μA
  • 40μA
  • 40nA - 4μA
    • 3 ranges configurable with jumpers
    • continuously adjustable amplification with potentiometer
    • offset control with potentiometer

    15 - 36V single


    2 x 7 - 26V dual