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Nucleus LWIR 1280 x1024 Camera

Item Description

The Nyx Nucleus can be configured with MWIR or LWIR HD array sensor technologies, lens options, data output options and packaged in camera or OEM module form. Integrators and researchers can get the performance they need without the size, weight and cost burden found in most HD cooled cameras.

The Nucleus HD camera combined with Nyx Connect™ layered integration software accelerates integration time and camera setup. Nyx Connect is a lightweight connectivity solution for advanced end users and OEMs who simply need a quick, easy safe way to get the camera up and running and make basic adjustments. It’s ideal for OEM’s who will ultimately do their own image processing and researchers with specific data needs and prefer to work in MATLAB or other advanced tools for analysis.

1280 x 1024 Nucleus Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) Camera

  • High resolution, high sensitivity, and low noise infrared camera is well suited to demanding defense and scientific applications.

  • Nyx Connect™ software simplifies set-up and control of critical sensor settings and digital video through a reliable Camera Link or USB3 Vision connection.

  • On board video processing enables corrected video output with custom nonuniformity tables and user applied pixel maps for maximum performance.

Product Technical Specs

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Optics 25, 50 or 100 mm standard. Optics can be customized to your requirements.
IRFPA 1280 x 1024 SLS LWIR  (7.5-12um), 12 um pitch
Sensitivity <30 mK
Frame rate 60 Hz