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PHD-400-N-SET Reference Trigger Diode

    Item Description

    The PHD-400 is used for the detection of light signals and for trigger applications. It contains a Si pin Photodiode with an active area of 0.25 mm^2 - a reasonable compromise between speed and sensitivity. For applications at high repetition rates the built in current indicator provides a convenient means for adjusting and focusing. Due to its single +5V or +12V supply the device can be powered from a conventional 5V or12V power supplies or through the DCC-100 Instrument Controller card. Including 2m SMA cable.

    Data sheet for PHD-400.

      Product Technical Specs

      • Pulse Response Width 400 ps
      • Pulse Rise Time < 200 ps
      • Current Indicator
      • Spectral Range from 330 nm to 1050 nm
      • +5 V or +12 V Supply
      • Data Sheet for PHD-400