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PPS-03 Power Supply for Room Temp Vigo Detectors

Item Description

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The PPS-03 (15V) is a small size preamplifier power supply, intended to operate with existing Vigo IR detection modules with uncoooled detectors. It is compatible with the VIP, SIP and uIP preamplifiers.

For Vigo preamplifers set for less than or equal to 1 MHz bandwidth use the 15V model

If you have any questions please verify with a Boston Electronics applications specialist about the compatibility of the PPS-03 to your existing Vigo detector/preamplifier module.

Product Technical Specs

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Power Supply Output Voltage VDC +/- 15
Power Supply Current 100mA
Input Voltage 100-240 V (50Hz or 60Hz)
Output Current +/- 100 mA