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QCL - Laser on Copper Mount

Item Description

Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) chip provided on a copper submount. Can be used in LLH housing or External Cavity Laser Kit. Single mode laser information:

  • Room-temperature Continuous-Wave single mode emission at a wavelength between 4.35 - 13 µm from stock.
  • Typical average power ranging from 1 to 100 mW (please check with us for higher power).
  • Linewidth <0.3 cm-1 due to measurement resolution, expected to be a few MHz.
  • Full tuning range ~0.7% of central wavelength (e.g. ~10 cm-1 at 1500 cm-1

    Product Technical Specs

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    Wavelengths 4.35 - 13 µm from stock
    Output power 1 - 100mW
    <0.3 cm-1
    Tuning range
    ~0.7% of center wavelength