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Safester UVC Radiometer for Workplace Safety

Item Description

The Safester UVC is a smartphone (Android) based radiometer for hazard assessment of artificial UV radiation emitted by low pressure UVC sources in workplaces according to European Community guideline 2006/25/EC,  It can be used to ensure that UV air disinfection equipment used to inactivate COVID virus do not emit harmful UV irradiation intensity that may damage skin and eyes. Visualization of the maximum exposure time per day with acoustical and optical warning features The radiometer complies with class 1 (highest precision requirements) of DIN 5031-11 for actinic radiometers.

The instrument measures and displays the maximum time a person can be exposed to a given UVC irradiation anticipating that this irradiation will not change over time. It consists of a calibrated UV sensor with calibration certificate, an Android Smartphone, a battery charger, and a carry case. The instrument must not be used to detect other UV radiation.

Product Technical Specs

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Baseline sensor UV-Surface
Spectral response
Android phone