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Safester UVI for UV Index Measurements


Data Sheet

Smartphone (Android) based UV-Index radiometer with graphic display for hazard assessment of natural UV radiation in workplaces according to ISO 17166 standard (UV-Index).

The entrance optic of the sensor unit is equipped with an optimal cosine-corrected diffusor, which allows detection of sun radiation from the upper hemisphere. The core of the sensor consists of a silicon-carbide (SiC) based diode, which is an intrinsic visible blind photodetector. In other words the sensor is insensitive for visible and infrared light, which makes over 90 % of the solar radiation, and it only detects UV radiation. This eliminates the need for efficiency-limiting optical filters to remove out-of-band visible or infrared photons. In order to achieve an optimal adaption of the erythema action spectrum, a specially designed interference filter is applied. In this way, a UV-Index determination with a low measurement uncertainty of ± 6 % for values between 3 and 8 can be achieved, while for values higher than 8 Safester UVI offers an even lower uncertainty of just ± 3 %. Please note that WHO recommends UV‑protective actions for UV-Index values over 3.

The price includes a UV Index sensor with PTB traceable calibration, a calibration certificate and a smartphone.

Data Sheet