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Scientific Cryo-cooled SWIR Camera – SIRIS

Item Description

The SIRIS (Short-wave InfraRed Imaging System) is the most versatile SWIR camera on the market, providing high speed with ultra low noise performances. SIRIS provides two read-out modes, full linear and linear/logarithmic. Combined with non-destructive read-out (NDRO) this allows for class-leading dynamic range. Three adjustable gain levels ensure flexibility to suit broad variety of illumination conditions. Long exposure time up to one hour is achievable, and selectable region-of-interest on the detector allows for exceptional frame rates.

Applications : - Astrophysical observations - Semiconductor Failure Analysis - Medical imaging, including microscopy (cellular, fluorescence) - Spectroscopy - Hyper spectral imaging

Product Technical Specs

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Detector cryo-cooled InGaAs
Format 640 x 512
Pixel size 15 um
Spectral range 0.9 - 1.7 um
Interface Camera Link
Read-out modes Linear and linear/ logarithmic,