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Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Laser Diodes

Item Description

Short Wave Infrared Diode Lasers are continuous wave, multiple longitudinal mode Fabry-Perot devices emitting light over a bandwidth of ~20 nm with output power up to 50 mW. They are offered either as chip-on-carrier or encapsulated in a low power TO-66 package with collimated or divergent free-space beam output.

Based on InP technology, Alpes SWIR Diode Lasers emission can be tailored in the range from 1.45-2.2 μm with each design having a bandwidth of ~20 nm. 

Inquire about laser diode drive options.

      Product Technical Specs

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      Wavelengths 1.4 to 2.1 um - see data sheet
      Output power 10 to 50 mW - see data sheet
      Spectral Linewidth
      typically 20 nm
      2 to 2.5 mrad