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SPC-180N Series TCSPC/FLIM Modules

Item Description

The SPC-180N is a high-end performance module for fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) with high-time resolution. The board can be used for fluorescence lifetime measurements, single molecule spectroscopy, FCS and FCCS recording, FLIM, Mosaic FLIM, FLITS, and combined FLIM / PLIM applications. This module is also the basis of FLIM upgrades for various scanning microscopes.

General Information

The SPC-180N modules have ultra-fast timing electronics equivalent to those of the SPC‑150N series. The modules are available in three versions with different time range and time resolution:

Minimum Time Channel Width
SPC-180N:       813 fs
SPC-180NX:    405 fs
SPC-180NXX: 203 fs

Internal Timing Jitter (RMS) / IRF Width (FWHM)
SPC-180N:       2.5 ps / 6.6 ps
SPC-180NX:    1.6 ps / 3.5 ps
SPC-180NXX: 1.1 ps / 2.8 ps

The -NX version, and, especially, the -NXX version have been designed for ultra-fast detectors, SSPDs and ultra-fast hybrid detectors. All SPC-180N series modules have high-speed PCI-Express (PCIe) interfaces. The new interface achieves extremely high data transfer rates. With the SPC-180N series modules, bus saturation and FIFO overflow in fast FLIM applications are unlikely to occur. To further facilitate fast FLIM, the modules of the SPC-180N series have a fast counter in parallel to the TCSPC timing electronics. This allows the data acquisition software to build up FLIM images, for which the intensity remains linear up to the highest count rates.

All SPC-180N family modules have high-speed PCI-Express (PCIe) interfaces and can be easily installed in nearly all PCs or configured as stand-alone timing unit.

Measurement Software Included

The SPCM operating and measurement software is included with all SPC series modules. SPCM provides online calculation and display (2D, 3D) of data (decay curves, FLIM, FCS, FCCS) acquired in multiple operation modes. SPCM software undergoes active continuous development. SPCM receives frequent updates with new features and bug fixes. Read more…

Product Technical Specs

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