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SPC-QC-104 Four-Channel Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting Module

Item Description

The SPC-QC-104 TCSPC / FLIM module has three parallel TCSPC / FLIM channels with a common reference channel on a single PCI-express board. Alternatively, the module can be operated with four absolute photon timing channels. The module features high temporal and spatial resolution, high peak count rate, and extraordinarily high timing stability. The SPC-QC-104 offers the usual modes for recording temporal waveforms of optical signals, sequential recording multi-wavelength recording, time- and parameter-tag recording, FLIM, spatial and temporal mosaic FLIM, triggered accumulation of fast time series of curves and images, and simultaneous FLIM / PLIM. 

  • 3 Channel TCSPC/FLIM Module
  • Three Parallel TCSPC / FLIM Channels, One Synchronisation / Reference Channel or Four Parallel Absolute Timing Channels
  • Time Channel Width Down to 4 ps
  • IRF Width < 40 ps FWHM
  • Timing Jitter < 20 ps RMS
  • Excellent Timing Stability: Timing Drift over 10 Minutes <5 ps RM

Measurement Software Included

The SPCM operating and measurement software is included with all SPC series modules. SPCM provides online calculation and display (2D, 3D) of data (decay curves, FLIM, FCS, FCCS) acquired in multiple operation modes. SPCM software undergoes active continuous development. SPCM receives frequent updates with new features and bug fixes.

Product Technical Specs

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