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SXL-55 UV Radiometer

Item Description

  • UV radiometer
  • dosimeter
  • data logger

The SXL-55 radiometer is a UV measuring instrument with dosimeter and data logger   function. It consists of a calibrated UV sensor based on a SiC  photodiode, which  is available in different versions. In most cases the "UV‑Surface" sensor shown in the  picture is used. The radiometer is configured and calibrated in coordination with the customer to their individual measuring task with regard to the sensor type, the  measuring  range (dynamic  range) and the spectral  sensitivity. 

The user's smartphone  (Android version 6.0 or higher) serves as the display and control unit, on which the SXL-55 app is installed.

The sensor can be calibrated to different UV radiation sources. Also the app is able to manage different sensors with e.g. different spectral sensitivity. After plugging in the sensor, this sensor and its calibration(s) are automatically recognized accordingly.

The SXL-55 can optionally be purchased with a dedicated Android phone (currently a Motorola Moto, subject to change) and a hard case.

Product Technical Specs

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Baseline sensor UV-Surface
Spectral response
per customer requirement
Android phone