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THz Imaging Camera and Illuminator

Item Description

The INO microxcam-384i THz camera, delivers superior-quality images in real time. Sensitive across a broad terahertz band, it can be used to see through a wide variety of materials, including fabric, ceramic, plastic, leather, cardboard, and more.  

The camera can be paired with THz lenses for unrivalled image quality.

INO’s illumination systems offer an imaging surface bigger than what standard solutions provide. Our light sources can be configured in transmission and/or reflection mode.

Bundle all three components (camera, lens, and light source) together in a single kit and you get a complete terahertz imaging system.

    Product Technical Specs

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    Camera Specifications
    Wavelength range 70–3189 µm/4,25–0,094 THz
    384 x 288
    Pitch 35um
    Output 16-bit raw data, Gigabit Ethernet
    Illumination System
    282 or 515 GHz
    Lenses F0.8, F0.7, Macro