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TOCON B4 (UVB, nW-uW/cm2, TO-5)

Item Description

The TOCON B4 is a UVB filtered sensor containing a high performance SiC UV photodiode and an amplifier that outputs 0-5 V, all in a TO-5 package.  The TOCON B4 is ideal for UV signals from the nanowatt to microwatts/cm2 range.

Also consider an optional TOCON Starter Kit. The TOCON Starter Kit is a very convenient and easy way to set up your TOCON, provide supply voltage to the sensor and amplifier and to readout the 0-5 V output signal. The kit contains a socket for your TOCON, 9V battery and battery connector and easy output connection via banana plugs to your voltmeter.

Product Technical Specs

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Minimum wavelength (10%) 243 nm
Maximum wavelength (10%) 303 nm
Peak wavelength 280 nm
Irradiance 1.8 nW/cm2 to 18 uW/cm2
Output 0-5 V
Supply voltage 2.5 - 5 V