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UV Sensor Monitor

Item Description

The Sensor Monitor 5.0 series are measurement and control modules for monitoring and automation of irradiation processes. They display radiation, dose and status information which is simultaneously provided via USB / RS232. Three programmable relays allow an automated control of single- and multi-level irradiation processes.

The Sensor Monitor 5.0 is used as a radiation monitor or control module in disinfection, drying, hardening, biotechnology and in scientific research. It is available with a NIST or PTB traceable calibration.

When ordering select a) one or two input channels, and b) with or without USB/RS232 data output.

Product Technical Specs

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Power supply  12 to 24 VDC
Number of probe inputs 1 or 2
Data Output None or USB/RS-232
Number of Relay Outputs 3