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Item Description

UV sensor with G3/4" thread for operation in pressurized water

The “UV-Water-G3/4" is a UV sensor with G3/4" thread for operation in water. It is 10 bar water pressure resistant and is typically used for monitoring of Hg medium and low pressure lamps in pressurized water. It will be configured upon individual customer’s requirements.

Configurable parameters are the signal output type, the measurement range and the spectral responsivity. The signal output is configurable as a 0…5V or 0…10V voltage output or 4…20mA current loop or photodiode output. Digital output sensors are available with a MOD bus, a CAN bus or a USB interface.

Product Technical Specs

  • Summary product specifications are below
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Spectral response see data sheet for the available wavebands
Measurement range
Output dependent, see data sheet
Output Options

0-5 or 10 V, 4-20 mA, digital options