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uvLink Wireless UV Radiometer

Item Description

The uvLink is a flexible family of wireless sensors (nodes) and receivers (display, collector) for measuring irradiance in the UV and other spectral ranges. This system enables irradiance and dose measurements in places that are dangerous for people, difficult to reach with wired sensors, or in locations without infrastructure. It also allows the sensor to be moved freely during the measurement (e.g. for production line monitoring).

The family consists of:

  • one or more sensors tailored to the application requirements
  • a receiver that can provide several functions, e.g. as a stand-alone display or as an interface to a computer or server.

The device family consists of two kinds of components:

  • one or multiple sensors tailored to the applications requirements
  • a receiver that can provide several functions, for instance being a stand-alone display or an interface to a computer or servers

We currently offer two different combinations:

  • uvLink One - consists of a sensor and a bundled display, so it acts like a wireless multimeter with the ability to log data via USB to a computer or from your own scripts.
  • uvLink Field - consists of multiple sensors and a bundled data collector, making all collected readings available to a system via USB for logging and further processing.

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Product Technical Specs

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