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HVS Series Vacuum Sensors - MEMS Pirani Sensors

Item Description

The Heimann vacuum sensor HVS is a miniature Pirani-type sensor based on a heated resistor structure on a thin micromachined membrane. The sensor comes in a small, robust, TO type metal housing.

The sensor type HVS Vac03k shows a response U(p) typically ranging from 0 – 400 mV in the pressure range 1 mbar - 10-5 mbar. HVS Vac 04 can be used in the 1 - 1000 mbar range.

Two chips, Vac 03k together with Vac04, can be mounted in the same TO8 housing to make the HVS dual chip model - HVS Vac3k+Vav04. This allows for a wider measurement range by switching from Vac03k to Vac04.

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Product Technical Specs

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HVS Series Vac03k Vac04
Housing TO39 TO39
Chip size (mm2) 4.0 x 4.0 1.2 x 1.2
Sensor Resistor (kOhms) 8.5 1
On-chip reference resistor (kOhms) 8.5 1
Max. supply voltage (V) 3.2 2 - 4 (see PDF)
Operating temperature (C) -20 to 120 -20 to 120
Storage temperature (C) -40 to 120 -40 to 120