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Wide-Band Amplifiers for PMTs and MCPs (HFAC-26)

Item Description

The HFAC series amplifiers are used to amplify the output signals of high speed PMTs or MCPs, especially in single photon counting applications. The gain of the amplifier allows the detector to be operated at reduced signal current which extends the lifetime of MCP tubes. Furthermore, the amplifier gain helps to reduce noise pickup in long signal cables.

The amplifiers have an input protection circuit which avoids damage by overload or by charged signal cables. Furthermore, two LEDs indicate overload conditions in the detector. A TTL signal is provided to switch off the light source or the detector supply voltage if the average detector current exceed the specified value.

The set includes the HFAC-26dB-2uA amplifier, power supply and 2m SMA cable.

Product Technical Specs

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· Cutoff frequency 1.6 GHz
· Gain 26 dB
· Input and Output Impedance 50 W
· Low Frequency Limit < 5kHz
· Input Protection
· Monitoring of Detector Current / Overload Warning