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WiFi Application Shield Board - Thermal Imaging SDK

Item Description

 HTPAd Application Shield (WiFi) Arduino based WiFi software development kit (SDK)

This WiFi Application Shield is designed to facilitate remote access from our thermopile arrays. The Shield enables a fast way to get a thermal image stream from the sensors. It can be used with an ESP32 development board and thus offers WiFi connectivity to our ArraySoft v2 GUI. This allows the highest degree of flexibility to evaluate the sensors for various applications.

THe WiFi Application Shield and corresponding source code, mak it possible to connect array sensors wireless to our ArraySoft v2 GUI and show realtime thermal images. From 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 60x40, 80x64, 84x60 and 120x84 to all future generations, this will be possible with just one add-on board.

The open source software is available on our Github Site: https://github.com/HeimannSensor

Product Technical Specs

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  • Please contact us with any questions for or assistance via our contact request page or at 617-566-3821

ESP32 shield for thermopile array software development

Full C++ sample code to read thermal image data

Completely open source

Graphical User Interface (GUI) for visualization with:
+ Temporary display
+ Interpolation & data log mode
+ Control up to 10 independent devices